What's In The Bundle

Below is a list of planned courses in the Bundle:

There will be up to 18, 3-8 hour courses covering almost everything Blender can do.

  1. Getting Started In Blender [RELEASED]
  2. Intro To Modelling [RELEASED]
  3. Geometry nodes [RELEASED & UPDATED for 3.3 Onwards]
  4. Blender Curves [Currently Being Edited, Release imminent]
  5. Sculpting In Blender
  6. The Grease Pencil [RELEASED]
  7. Materials and Textures
  8. Introduction To Procedural Textures [RELEASED]
  9. Lighting
  10. Rendering
  11. Rigging
  12. Animation
  13. Compositing
  14. Motion Graphics
  15. Video Editing
  16. Introduction to Simulations
  17. Blender Particle Systems (Waiting for Blender's new particle system)
  18. Powerful Python In Blender [Scheduled Release Early May 2023]

Please note until released, each section is in flux and may change its name or even be merged with another course where appropriate.

Each course is designed to be taken individually which means where necessary some topics will be reinforced from another workflow perspective.

**Michael was poorly during Dec '22 / Jan '23 This has meant release dates have shifted forward.
For up to date information or any questions, the best place to chat is our discord: http://www.canopy.games/p/discord

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