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Your Godot 4 Action RPG - Make A Complete ARPG In Godot

With our amazing backers we finished the project 234% funded and unlocked 4 of our 9 stretch goals.

Thank you to all those who have supported the project so far. We are incredibly grateful for your support and are really excited.

Our stretch goals that expand the project and increase what all backers get are still live. So all funds will go towards further stretch goals! - That's more content for everyone!

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Coding is easy when it is fun. We make coding fun!

Art and Design

Art And Design

Modelling, procedural art, lots in here come take a look! You can be creative!

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Have a look at our various asset packs and helpful scripts.

Canopy Games Home Page

Why We Do What We Do

Mike and Yann believe in getting great educational content to as many people as possible for a fair price for all.

Their main focus is on game development and surrounding fields.

They started Canopy Games to fufill that goal and are teaming up with other great instructors along the way to bring even more content to you.

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Lifetime Membership

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If you really enjoy what we do, we currently offer lifetime membership to all Canopy Games products now and in the future.

You will get immediate access to our existing courses and assets. Free and early access to all future courses and assets.